What is the Suggested Omega 3 Dose For Optimal Health

What is the Suggested Omega 3 Dose For Optimal Health

How many capsules (omega3 Dose) you need to take per day, usually depends on several issues such as cleanliness and superiority of the capsule. Make it sure to choose the most excellent type of omega3 available in the market, and with proper dosage.

No doubt, today the most useful and well known nutrition necessary for our body is omega3. In the market, there are huge number of omega3 varieties are available. Try to select the most useful, and the most excellent variety that best meet your body requirements with best dosage.

It has been medically proved that fish oil is rich in EPA and DHA, which are in fact fatty acids of omega3. Medical investigation has shown that DHA is quite effective to prevent diseases such as hypertension, and heart failing. It is also useful for proper human mind performance, and maintaining good vision.

It may be noted that most of the fish oil available in the market rad140 cycle have EPA in abundance than DHA. The main reason is EPA is less expensive than DHA. It is strongly recommended to carefully check the amount of EPA and DHA in the packing of the product or by visiting their website.

An ideal amount of DHA in each fish oil pill is 250 milligrams. Keep in mind that an expensive item may not be the most excellent item.

There are many cases where the amount of DHA is lesser in most expensive products as compared to the cheaper products. So the cost of the product does not determine the quality and composition of the product.

Usually each capsule of omega3 is composed of 1000 milligrams of fish oil. In each 1000 milligrams of fish oil you can have about 120 milligrams of EPA and 280 milligrams of DHA. For best results, it is suggested to take two such capsules in a day.

You must also be careful that each capsule must be free of impurities. Make sure that the oil has been properly filtered and purified through special purification processes.

The purification process may eliminate any available impurities associated with fish meat. The impurities such as mercury, arsenic, and lead are present in most of the contaminated rivers.

One purification method is called molecular distillation which is widely used in purification of various medicines. This method can be quite effectively used for the purification of impurities associated with omega 3.

It filters out all the impurities harmful to human health, and at the last stage of the process, it yields pure, spotless, and immaculate fish oil. This pure fish oil can quite easily digested by human body.